DR. Girish Krishnan

Director & Strategy Consultant
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EASYNET DIGITAL is driven by passion for success, creating success stories for our ever growing clientele, focused primarily on marketing, business development, operational development and also supports organizations for their long term sustainable development by becoming part of their core management team and giving valuable inputs in strategic management.

EASYNET develops “Strategies for Success” for our clients by three simple steps of ADAPT, STRATEGY and EXECUTE. We are having the expertise to identify opportunities in new and emerging markets for, innovative technologies, develop the market, identify partners/customers, localize the business model, scale the market opportunity, represent the company, develop sales pipeline and manage relationships for our partnering clients and ensure their positive growth.


Divya Manohar

Chief Operating Officer

Anil Nair

Head – Operations | Middle East

Shaik Abdu Rahmathulla Sahib

Head – Operations – India

SV Mathew

Chief Brand Consultant / Creative Head


Contact us to develop STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS for your business growth.

Digital Marketing Agency in Trivandrum, We create “STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS” for our ever-growing client base in the digital marketing domain, mainly by incorporating three attributes, MARKETING, PSYCHOLOGY and TECHNOLOGY. We believe and invest in our man-power with a clear vision to create the best digital marketing team.

EASYNET DIGITAL Digital Marketing Agency in Trivandrum, team posses the proper skill sets and strategy to accomplish organizational goals in the most efficient manner and our entire team and every department works in tandem to create SUCCESS for our clients. Our team is having the presence of very specific epitomes that represent the skills – both soft and hard – necessary for SUCCESS.



They are the thinkers, the marketing strategists, the ones that pool all their creative resources into giving life to elaborate plans and tactics that can reach the desired goals. Hardcore sales experts who understand the concepts of sales/marketing and develop strategy according to the product/services.



 They execrate by the power of analytics – they live and die by the might of numbers and KPIs. These data-driven professionals will leverage hard mathematical information to come up with solutions, interpreting figures to glean otherwise unfathomable insights. These insights drive the strategies when and where needed.



Every letter, every word, every sentence, and every paragraph matters. They focus on content creation that will attract, retain, and connect with audiences, and they will tell the stories that forge lasting emotional or intellectual bonds. In todays digital marketing scenario, CONTENT IS THE KING and our content development team understands the same.



Prospects and customers want to know they are valued, that their opinions matter. Relationship Builders are there to make sure that is the case. They engage with audiences through all available marketing channels, make them feel appreciated, listen and learn from their experiences, and turn that valuable feedback into ideas for potential optimization.



They know all the tools and how to use them to get the best results. They understand optimization for searches, email marketing, landing page conversion rates, PPC, and every single part of the process that may need that very technical know-how. They favour efficiency and results over anything else.


They favour aesthetics above all things. The way each part of a website or social media profile is structured matters, most of all in terms of how visually appealing it is. They communicate through images and videos because artistic inspiration fuels their work.



Let’s not forget one of the most important, sometimes overlooked roles, PROJECT MANAGEMENT. The taskmaster marketing generalist to help manage deadlines, team members, resources, and overall project mechanics is key to any efficient marketing team. A team of creative and technical people can only be powerful if they have the proper management to work together efficiently . 

EASYNET DIGITAL is having a team of professionals who enjoy working in perfect balance and harmony for the SUCCESS of our clients.