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Artificial Intelligence – in a digital marketer’s perspective.

When Hollywood superstar, Arnold was blasting in his style across the globe with TERMINATOR series in 1984, peoples were enjoying a total fiction movie, where machines going to rule the world and nobody ever imagine such things going to happen, but today after almost four decades we are in the door step to watch a revolution of machines who may perform equal to humans !!!

YES…… am talking about Artificial Intelligence and its impact in the near future.
What is AI?

If you are checking Wikipedia, the term “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” is used to describe machines and computers that mimic “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as learning and problem-solving.

Research and development in the advanced computer science which shows light to understand the functionality of intelligence and to produce a machine which can think, react and perform in a much superior way than human, based on the data that is being given to that machine. You will be clearer on this aspect if you can visualize Rajinikanth’s YANTHIRAN movie and how that robot reacted to situations.

On the onset, would like to mention Artificial Intelligence is not equal to human intelligence, but a machine with AI can think like a human and sometimes exceeds human, if the right data is with them.

Impact of AI in Digital Marketing.

Research on AI and its fast development is on the anvil; thus, every advanced marketing technologies will be shifting to AI based digital marketing and provide useful customer insight for companies who are in demand of such data.

In the digital marketing domain, the vital play AI going to have is already in the limelight and future of digital marketing depends on how effectively AI can be used as a tool for business. The future of business will be with peoples who can effectively combine AI for developing their digital marketing strategies.

Today big online shopping carts like Amazon and Flipkart effectively use AI, for any shoppers who browse such online shopping carts, they will see only relevant products of that particular user, this was done with the support of AI which can analyse each user based on previous searches, views and products purchased.

Likewise, if we searched once for villas in one region, from next time onwards when ever we came online, there will be one or other advertisement about Villas of that region popping up and following you in all the online platforms you are browsing. This indeed is result of AI applied by Google and big search engines.

Impact of AI will definitely improve user experience drastically by providing the users with what they actually want to see. Further empowers decision making and thus increase in revenue returns and also support in creating better performing content. Moreover, proper implementation of AI in digital marketing will help business owners to reach the targeted audience with the right offers which they cannot refuse and have direct positive impact on revenue growth.

How Artificial Intelligence going to revolutionize various attributes in Digital Marketing?

We are seeing the sunrise of AI revolution but from the time we watched the first movie in TERMINATOR series, deep inside we have some sense of how artificial intelligence is going to change our future, particularly this will have first impact on Digital Marketing domain, as marketers already started embracing this technology for their digital marketing activities.

Few of the attributes in the digital marketing domain and how those going to get impacted by AI are explained below in nutshell.


This is a technology in AI in which a machine will be able to solve a situation or problem on their own by analysing on previous data and learning which action will be the best suitable for such a situation. In digital marketing, this can be effectively applied to applications like SEO, Ads targeting, lead generations etc.


Collection of data, analyzing the same and implementing effective strategy according to that is the basis of AI. Precession on data analyzing and planning according to that and developing automated systems and customer profiles can be done in AI with minute details and accuracy. Thus, job of marketers will be simplified or they will be facilitator of right data and allow machines to plan accordingly on their own.


Integrating data sets from various tools can be effectively carried out by AI and AI can effectively used for targeting and tailor making digital ad campaigns based on customer feedback and buying behaviors.


With the help of AI, more advanced search options can be made easy, AI can do this by understanding the contextual meaning of certain search patters and further it can incorporate an online user search antiquity into the results page. With the support of AI, instead of just showing what an user is searching for, it can show why that person is searching for certain things!!!


When you are browsing an eCommerce website, automatically lot of products will start displaying and those were surprisingly something which you were interested. But this doesn’t happen automatically but a result of the AI incorporation. Likewise, AI can be used very much in content creation, since AI can choose the most relevant content personalized to every visitors or target customers.


Alexa and Google Home are classical examples of how AI will be incorporated in voice search and speech recognition. We can start imagine about machines talking each other and taking decisions on home support systems.


Proper usage of AI can take lead generation campaigns to the next level, with the support of AI, lead generation campaigns can be very effective, it can predict or rate the status of the lead if its warm or cold. Thus, sales effectiveness can be increased if lead generation campaign got incorporated with AI.


In digital marketing domain, at present strategies are based on purely guesswork mostly, then constantly testing and adjusting, experimenting according to the discretion of the digital marketing engineer or the strategy developed for certain campaigns. At the same time AI based several analytical tools are much more accurate and precise for this purpose. These tools didn’t go with guess work, but depends on data and previous history and could reach to more effective strategies according to the buyer’s behavior pattern.

Happy beginning for AI in Digital Marketing.

If you think the concept of AI in digital marketing is something weird!!!  Don’t get left alone, today’s consumers response to marketing messages and their reaction is changing and if we are not growing to the expectations of the ever-growing online consumer base, your expectations and growth will be at stake. Traditional marketing methods of marketing such as print media, TV advertisements and all is getting over and its high time we need to embrace the digital marketing with Artificial Intelligence for effectiveness and for higher and fast ROI. Digital Marketing incorporated with AI only can predict future patters for lead generation, how much need to spend for each campaign, what campaign is best for each NICHE segment, which kind of campaigns will be more effective etc.

Let’s understand the market and technology synergy and get into action and embrace the power to leverage Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing for creating STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS !!!

Dr. Girish krishnan.
Business Consultant and a Digital Marketing Evangelist

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