Today Business consultancy is happening more thru professional freelancers and virtual teams who envisage the success as one of the client team member, unlike the previous mindset of a consulting firm with most sophisticated infrastructure and located in the posh part of the city were gone.

By 2020 across globe the concept of business consultancy will fully reach to the hands of such freelance consultants or contract workers and that means companies will start depending more on such peoples for their productive growth.

Great things in business are never done by one person…… They’re done by ……………. TEAM OF PEOPLE.

Steve Jobs.

A professional business consulting firm needs to develop Strategies for Success for their clients after understanding their business platform. They need to empower brands and business to achieve their true potential by adapting the existing business modes and then develop proper strategy according to that and execute that strategy along with the client for their success.

As a Strategic Consultant of an international Digital Management Consortium, few of my thoughts or assumptions on the future of Business Consultancy are mentioned below;

Consultancy Industry is evolving and having drastic changes as today any information under the Sun is available in finger tips virtually, or to be more precise the Internet penetration across globe and the availability of several groups on the World Wide Web that tailor to professional development in every field. Several of the vital information or insights which consultants provided a decade back is readily available free of cost in the Internet.

As Technology continues to improve along with the availability of data and ease of communication, the new generation Consultants should be more techno savvy and with more relevant educations to specific industries. He should be able to eloquent the value and quick ROI of their services and satisfy the growing needs of customers with high expectations.

In another 10 years or before that, Consultants will use artificial intelligence to enhance service offerings with the support of BIGDATA and could be able to suggest or recommend new concepts with the support of data available.

The role of consultants will change from those creating ideas or concepts behind a boardroom door. In place of that the future consultants will be acting as one of the team member of the organization and will be expected to lend their expert solutions and supporting growth throughout their engagement with the client.

During the next 10 years significant developments are expecting in the consultancy domain and a fully fledged consultant need to provide end-to end customized solution for his clients. The role of consultants will not be restricted only to Organizational structure but need to support or develop even the organizational contributors such as ; employees, franchisees, contractors and even part-timers. His service need to extend on supporting to build team according to specific project, coach and train all parties involved and handhold them or guide them to assure successful implementation of the project.

The future consultants will be those who could create an environment that combines professional consultancy with the science brought in by the growing technology. This combination could bring to the table, years of experience of business understanding, wisdom of ages, tried and tested frameworks on management decisions along with new-age weapons of data and algorithms.